100% Organic Barrier Spray Program

All-Natural Mosquito Repellent For Your Yard

At Bite Control, we are proud to offer our 100% organic, chemical-free, barrier spray program.  This completely green program is the perfect alternative to permethrin-based mosquito control products.  While permethrin is considered to be a "safer" kind of incesticide, it is still a toxic chemical that is "NOT" safe as most irresponsible pest control companies will tell you.

We avoid all synthetic pesticides!

Our all-natural, organic barrier will repel mosquitoes immediately, but has less adhesive properties than synthetic pesticide and will break down more quickly.  For this reason, we recommend treatments every 14-21 days to guarantee optimum pest control. 

Here is how it works: 

When you contact Bite Control, our professional technicians will apply a 100% organic barrier spray to the perimeter of your property, as well as to all of your landscaping such as shrubs, plants and trees.  Using backback sprayers to accurately target, the barrier spray repels mosquitoes immediately and bonds to foliage, where it acts as a mosquito repellent for several days.  Your family and pets are completely safe and can even be outside while our technicians are spraying. 

In addition and at no extra charge, your Bite Control technicians will inspect your property looking for any standing water or active larvae populations.  If any are found our technicians will treat accordingly with organic larvicide.

Optimal Protection Every 14-21 Days
For optimal protection, season-long control is highly recommended!  Every 14-21 days, our team will return to treat your property and ensure that the barrier we create stays strong and so that new mosquitoes don’t start breeding.  Bite Control will remind you via text, email or phone call (your choice) in advance of an upcoming service and we will leave you notice on your front door as we complete each service, in addition to an email receipt that details what services were performed and if any suggestions or recommendations are needed.

Does The Organic Barrier Kill Mosquitoes?
Our organic barrier spray is designed to repel mosquitoes, not kill them.  Mosquitoes have a sense of smell that is up to 10,000 x that of humans.  Our barrier spray contains a natural sulfur which repels mosquitoes, after it dries humans won't smell it, but mosquitoes hate it.  Spraying organic solutions to keep insects away is not something new, farmers and master gardeners have been doing this for many generations.

Bees Should Not Be Killed
Permethrin and other synthetic pesticides are irresponsibly killing bees!  Bees are amongst the most important creatures to humans on Earth.  These amazing insects pollinate over 80% of all flowering plants including 70 of the top 100 human food crops.  One in three bites of food that you eat is derived from plants pollinated by bees.  One in three! 

Bite Control barrier spray programs use all-natural, 100% organic applications that will NOT HARM bees, fish, cats, dogs or any members of your family. 

We stand by our organic program's effectiveness as a mosquito control solution.  Most residential customers with a moderate pest problem will enjoy a 90%-95% reduction in mosquito and other flying insect activity.

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